An Important Note to Musicians from Firm Owner Daniel J. Palmer

One of the most critical as well as difficult obstacles to overcome when trying to reach an acceptable outcome in your case is to create empathy and understanding with a Judge and/or jury. As a Prosecutor, it was startling to me that Criminal defense attorneys almost never even attempted to try to place Judges and juries in the shoes of the daily life of their musician clients. Due to the careless actions of these attorneys, their clients often ended up with convictions, when these cases could have very likely gotten dismissed if argued properly. These hard working musicians were not being effectively represented.

My greatest passion, other than Law, is music. I have been playing a variety of different musical instruments since I was just five years old, and have actively been playing in bands across the state for over 15 years. I have spent time on the road, as well as many late nights playing in jazz clubs, honky tonks, rock venues, and everything in between.

Due to my experience as a trial attorney as well as a musician, I truly understand the life as well as the needs of those in the music industry. Without that knowledge and life experience, your attorney cannot truly and aggressively advocate for you. I have seen lawyers constantly struggle to effectively fight for their clients because they simply do not understand them or what it means to be a working musician. As your attorney, I want to get to know you and your life as a musician, so that together we can use my experiences as a musician and knowledge of the law to get a better result for you than any other attorney could.

Just a couple of ways our office can help you out:

Are you out on bail/bond in a criminal case but are also currently touring or playing out of county gigs? Many times before your case is complete, the court will not allow you to leave the county. I can file a specific type of motion and set a hearing with the court that would allow me the opportunity to meet with the Judge and Prosecutors and explain to them your background/work situation/touring schedule and convince them to allow you to be able to leave the county as a necessary part of your career as a working musician.

Have you been accused of domestic violence and your significant other either lives near or frequents a venue that you play? Many times, a court will issue a no contact order which restricts the physical distance you can be from your accuser. If you are found closer than the distance allowed by the court, you could be arrested, even if you have made no contact with the accuser. In other words, if you are playing a gig and your accuser shows up, it is possible that you could be arrested. Not only would this be a humiliating experience, but you also would have additional charges filed against you. I can set a hearing with the Judge and Prosecutors where I would present a case and urge the Judge to change a no contact order to what is called a “no harmful or injurious” no contact order, which would allow you to play your gig without disruption. This is a complicated matter that should only be handled by an attorney with experience not only in the courtroom, but also as a working musician.

These are just two of many different ways that our office can uniquely help you. Though these examples are specific to Criminal cases, our office can navigate you through many various types of legal matters that you may be facing as a musician. Look for our flyers (with free guitar picks attached!) at dozens of music venues, instrument stores, and record stores across San Antonio. Please call our office today to schedule a free consultation. I would be proud to represent you.


Daniel Palmer not only takes pride in his work, but he actually cares about his clients. Daniel is an excellent advocate that actually listened to what I had to say. I never felt like another number to him, and I never had to refresh his memory about my case. He was always upfront about options and outcomes. I would recommend Daniel to anyone that needs someone to represent them effectively.


Mr. Daniel Palmer saved me! He is a hard-working and brilliant lawyer who knows the intricacies and complexities of criminal law. He used this knowledge and expertise along with much time spent researching case law to reduce the prosecutor’s case to hearsay, which is to say that it ended up being a very weak case. As a result, my case was dismissed, and I’m free to move on with my life.


Mr. Palmer is very professional and punctual. He never tried to convince me to agree to something I knew I was not guilty of. He listens very carefully and does what he can (legally) for his client. As a result my case was dismissed. If you're looking for a good professional lawyer, Mr. Palmer is the person you're looking for.


Daniel was always available. He was considerate and helpful. If he didn't know the answer he found it or found someone who knew it. I had an incident where I needed to leave him a message around 12:30am and he called back 10 minutes after the message was left for him. He was fantastic and made me feel at ease with my situation. If you need a lawyer Daniel is definitely the way to go. He will take great care of you in whatever situation you find yourself in.


The possibility of going to trial for my criminal case was a very scary thing in my recent life. I mean think about it: it could have destroyed my life. I have a lot going for me, and the good Lord has really blessed me. Yes, I made lots of stupid mistakes (I’m only human) BUT I wasn’t guilty of that which I was accused. For this reason, it was a great relief knowing that I had a brilliant, hard-working, and compassionate lawyer fighting for me. You simply cannot find a better lawyer. He’s truly the best!